Compare Credit Card Rates

Choosing a credit card is impossible without a comparison of what offers are out there. Before you rush out and get a credit card there are many considerations to make, irrespective of whether it is your first or your tenth card. We offer credit card reviews of some of the more popular banks on the market today, allowing you to compare credit card rates and make decisions on what is best for you from these comparisons. Whilst offers may be sent to you all the time, it doesn't necessarily mean that these will be best for you; there are many different offers out there and for many people it is a matter of personal choice as to whether they want a credit card with low fees, low interest rates, or a rewards program.Find more information on Ultimate Merchant Providers from

Read the reviews, make the comparisons, and choose what offer will be best for you, and hint: it is not always the one with the lowest rates.

Card Interest Rate Balance Transfers Annual Fee Details Apply
st george card St George 8.25% $1+ $0 Details
bankwest card Bankwest 8.0% $1+ $0 Details Apply
citibank card Citibank 7.50%** $1+ $0 Details
citibank card Citibank 2 7.05% $1+ $0 Details